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From 'C' to Shining 'C'!

A Concert of American Organ Music

May 31, 2009 at the Larchmont Avenue Church, Larchmont, NY


Larchmont Avenue Church

The Organists

Back Row: Dr. Jan-Piet Knijff, John Cecconi (Dean), Judith Abel, Lana Kollath, Robert Chase

Front Row: Hui-Mei Lin Frost (piano), Douglas Kostner, Joseph Nigro

The performers are in front of the new four manual organ by organ builder James Konzelman.




The Program


Joseph Nigro

"America the Beautiful" by Emma Lou Diemer (1927 - )

"Fanfares to the Tongues of Fire" by Larry King (1932 - 1990)

Robert Chase "At San Juan Capistrano" by Eric Delamarter (1880 - 1923)
Jan-Piet Knijff

WA by Kaori Tanioka

"So wünsch ich ihr" from Sonata No. 3 by Paul Hindemith (1895 - 1963)

Judith Abel

Postlude on Lift High the Cross by David Cherwien (1957 - )

Duet: Hui-Mei Lin Frost (piano) and Robert Chase (organ)

Dialogue for Organ and Piano by Leo Sowerby (1894 - 1968)
Robert Chase Fantasy on St. Clement by Carl McKinley (1895 - 1966)
Lana Kollath Three Gospel Scenes by James Biery (1967 - )

1) Jesus in the Desert

2) The Woman at the Well

3) The Prodigal Son

Douglas Kostner Grand Sonata in E Flat by Dudley Buck (1839 - 1909)




Andante espressivo

Allegro maestoso


Westchester, NY May, 2009 - A members recital titled “From ‘C’ to Shining ‘C’: A Concert of American Organ Music” was held at Larchmont Avenue Church, Larchmont (douglas Kostner, host music director). This was the debut of the church's James Konzelman chancel organ. The performers were organists Joseph Nigro, Robert Chase, Jan-Piet Knijff , Judith Abel, Lana Kollath, and pianist Hui-Mei Lin Frost. Both the program and reception were planned by Sub-dean Alice Avouris. – Ralph A. Burkhart, Secretary

(As published in The American Organist, September, 2009)

Note: TAO accidentally left out Douglas Kostner as one of the organ performers even though it was sent to them.

Photos: Courtesy of:

Mary Stanton (performers)

Robert Fertitta, photographer and curator, Gallery of Stained Glass Art (church)

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