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February 10, 2008 Requiem III meeting

AGO Members at the Requiem III meeting - Dr. Robert Chase (the presenter) is on the couch on the left.



Westchester, NY January 6, the chapter's annual Twelfth Night party was held at the home of Dean Joyce Gardner. Edna Schloton coordinated hospitality and encouraged everyone to use the recipes in her new AGO cookbook. – Ralph A. Burkhart

Westchester, NY February 10, chapter members met at the Church in the Highlands. A talk on the contemporary Requiem was presented by Robert Chase, a former chapter dean. A general discussion of the topic was followed by performance of examples from composers found in Dr. Chase's new book, Memento Mori, A Guide to Contemporary Memorial Music. Pieces were heard by composers: Alfred Bruneau, Javier Busto, Roger Calmel, Eleanor Daley, Richard Danielpour, Marc Eychenne, John Foulds, William Harper, Roman Maciejewski, Alfred Schnittke, and Jean-Pierre Sciau. Refreshments were prepared by Edna Schloton. – Ralph A. Burkhart

As published in The American Organist, May, 2008

Photos: Courtesy of Jenny Chase
Last updated: August 6, 2008