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April 20 , 2008 Hymn fest and sing “Lesser – Known Gems of Hymnody”

A photo of the performers and some of the members attending.

Front Row from left to right: Edna Schloton, Joyce Gardner (Chapter Dean), Judy Abel, Lois Simmonds, and Timothy Keenan-Devlin.

Back row: Alice Avouris, Ralph Burkhart, Thomas Zachacz, and Robert Chase.


Westchester, NY April, 20, The chapter sponsored a hymn festival/sing, “Lesser – Known Gems of Hymnody.”. Alice Avouris was presenter and host at the historic MaryKnoll Main Chapel in Ossining. The performers were: Thomas Zachacz, Lois Simmonds, Edna Schloton (with assistance from Ryan and Ian Elwell, trumpets), Timothy Keenan-Devlin, Robert Chase, Alice Avouris, Judith Abel, and John Nurmi. Edna Neff Schloton was the host for the reception – Ralph A. Burkhart

As published in The American Organist, July, 2008



The Program - performed on the Allen Digital Computer Organ

Tim Keenan-Devlin: When in Our Music God Is Glorified

Edna Schloton with Ryan and Ian Elwell on trumpets:

Rejoice in God! Let trumpets sound

Christ triumphant, ever reigning

Lois Simmonds: O Thou who spreadest the heaven like a tent

Shepherd, show me how to go

Dr. Robert Chase: Come, Come, Ye Saints

O My Father

Tim Keenan-Devlin: O God Beyond All Praising

Lo! he comes with clouds descending

Alice Avouris (on the piano): In That Great Gittin' Up Mornin'

How deep the Father's love for us

John Nurmi (on the piano): You Are Holy

Judy Abel: God the Sculptor of the Mountains

Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer (composed by Judy)

Psalm 62

Thomas Zachacz: All Praise to God for Song God Gives


Photo: Courtesy of Virginia Bender
Last updated: August 6, 2008