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January 5, 2020

Twelfth Night and Music Swap


Homefield House,

Yonkers, New York


This is a photo of most of the attendees. Below will be more photos of the attendees - some small groups and others at the table. There are also photos of the music exchange table.
















Westchester Chapter,January 5: the Homefield House in Yonkers was filled with vibrant conversation as nearly 30 members of the Westchester AGO got together to swap their joys, their horror stories and their sheet music. We recapped the holiday season with the expected bottles of wine and conviviality. Frank Miller was the chef again, bringing in a delicious pot roast dinner with all the trimmin’s. Most notable was the swap table that overflowed with lovingly used church music. Boxes arrived full of music and then left the evening in different hands. A good time was had by all. -- Karen Longwell

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Photos: Courtesy of: Karen Longwell and Virginia Bender

Last updated: January 9, 2020