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November 10, 2019

Members' Recital


Hitchcock Presbyterian Church

Scarsdale, New York




The Recitalists: Tyrell Lundman, Tamara Cashour, Craig Degener, Edwin Wallace, John King (host), Margaret Kim, and Jonathan Riss



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Today’s performers:

Tamara Cashour—Music Director/Organist/Composer in Residence, Presbyterian Church of New Rochelle

Craig Degener, Dean, Westchester AGO

Margaret Kim, Co-Minister of Music, Scarsdale Community Baptist Church

Tyrell Lundman, Director of Music, White Plains Presbyterian Church

Jonathan Riss, Director of Music, Irvington Presbyterian Church

Edwin Wallace, Organist/Choir Director, Ardsley Methodist Church



Westchester Chapter,November 10: Pictured are the performers for the "Members Recital" in front of the magnificent J.W. Walker and Sons pipe organ at Hitchcock Presbyterian Church Scarsdale, N.Y. The two manual and pedal tracker-action instrument was installed in 1990 and has 29 stops comprising 36 ranks and 1,798 pipes. Members and friends were treated to works by Cornell, Vierne, Bach, Michel, Mendelssohn, and Mulet in the acoustically splendid room. This was followed by a grand reception for all. - Craig Degener

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Photos: Courtesy of: Jonathan Riss and Chris Fasulo

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