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January 6, 2019

Twelfth Night Party


Homefield House,

911 Saw Mill River Drive

Yonkers, N.Y

Host: Craig Degener


Photos from the Party are below. Dr. Robert Chase was presented an AGO Sweatshirt for his long service to the Chapter.









Westchester County, NY, WestchesterJanuary 6, 2019:: A headcount of about 30 revelers shows that this is a popular event on our calendar. There was the feeling of jubilant relief as everyone told their tales of triumph and slight miss-firings that accompany the holidays. And we all learned and grew from them. The Homefield House in Yonkers was a pleasant setting for our fete: open space for chatting. Member Frank Miller not only procured the space but arranged for a sumptuous catered dinner. A swap table was set up for members to place their unused music and possibly pick up another dusty treasure. Alla Borzova and Alex Dmitriev graciously gave out free copies of their organ pieces. To top off the evening, Dr. Robert Chase was honored with an AGO sweatshirt that he would wear on his many trips to the gym. Ed Wallace is having his 70th birthday and he was serenaded with the appropriate ballad. - Karen Longwell


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Photos: Courtesy of Virginia Bender

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