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October 21, 2018

Pedals, Pipes and Pizza


The White Plains Presbyterian Church

39 North Broadway

White Plains,N.Y. 10601

Host: Tyrell Lundman


Craig Degener, Dean, helping some of the participants


Attendees crowding around the organ watching the participants play the organ




Frank Miller talking to the audience




Frank Miller showing a pipe to the audience. They later got to try to make it sound.


Westchester County, NY, Oct 21, the chapter sponsored a Pedals, Pipes & Pizza event at White Plains Presbyterian Church. Host Ty Lundman demonstrated the church's Austin organ to the enthusiastic children and adults who attended. This was followed by a tour of the organ chambers that was enjoyed by the children and adults alike. Frank Miller brought several pipes to demonstrate their sounds and types and the students each had fun trying to make a sound of an eight-foot pipe.. Everyone had a chance to play a few notes at the organ (hands and feet) which was followed by eight large pizzas that were easily dispatched. - Craig Degener

As published in the February, 2019 TAO

Photos: Courtesy of Lisa Flanaganr

Last updated: February 2, 2019