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April 22 , 2018

Phythagoras, Broccoli and the Evolution of Pipe Organ Stop Action

presented by John Bishop


Yorktown United Methodist Church

2300 Crompond Rd, Yorktown Heights, NY

Host: Karen Longwell


Presenter John Bishop and Host Karen Longwell




The Reception, above




Westchester County, NY, April 22, in spite of the magnificent spring weather, chapter members eagerly came out to hear John Bishop give a presentation titled “Phythagoras, Broccoli and the Evolution of Pipe Organ Stop Action”. He gave us all greater insight into the complexity and history of the king of instruments. from its roots in Pythagoras’ anvils to the dawning of the digital age. Members were curious about the title of his talk, and he quickly explained. The Fibonacci series of numbers, when applied geometrically, correspond with the buds on the conical florets of a Romanesco broccoli (the whorl pattern, similar to a nautilus shell). Likewise, the same numbers correspond with the pipe lengths of an organ in order to bring out the overtone series. Math applies to spatial relationships as well as pitch relationships. You can email John (} to ask for more explanation. Yorktown United Methodist Church was aptly suited for this PowerPoint presentation with its state-of-the-art projection system. Thanks belong to Tom Cipolla for offering his technological wisdom that made the presentation a success. A reception afterward allowed everyone to mingle and ask questions. And yes, broccoli was served.-- Karen Longwell

as published in the July, 2018 issue of The American Organist

Photos: Courtesy of Virginia Bender

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