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February 25 , 2018

Justin Bischof Recital


The Irvington Presbyterian Church

25 N Broadway

Irvington, New York

Host: Jon Riss

Sponsored by The Westchester County Chapter of AGO and Irvington Presbyterian Church





Terry Flanagan, Dean; Jon Riss, host; Justin Bischof, recitalist

See Justin Bischof's bio here



The Congregation, above

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Below: Pictures from the reception






Westchester Chapter, NY, Feb 25: The chapter and Irvington Presbyterian Church sponsored an Organ Concert given by Justin Bischof on the OrgelBau Klais Bonn Opus 1797 (2001) organ.. It was dedicated to the memory of McNeil Robinson II. The selections were by Johann Sebastian Bach and McNeil Robinson. The last piece was a Symphony improvised by Bischof on submitted themes from the audience. Following the concert, a reception was given in the parlor from food brought by various chapter members. -- Virginia Bender As submitted to TAO

Photos: Courtesy of Virginia Bender and Lisa Flanagan

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