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September 20, 2015

Opening Event

A Recital by "Young Artists" and Open Console


Alexander Pattavina and Daniel Ficarri, Organists

Hosted by

Father Michael Bird

at the

Christ Church

12 Sagamore Road





Above, Daniel Ficarri and Alexander Pattavina

for more info on the two organists, click below:

Daniel Ficarri

Alexander Pattavina

Above, Father Michael Bird









Above are the special windows designed to honor former organist Robert Owen. ln designing the Music windows, Ellen Miret—Jayson began by listening to examples of Messiaen's music, especially his “Quartet for the End of Time” and "The Ascension.” The first of these, written while Messiaen was a prisoner in a German concentration camp is balanced by the Ascension Suite. The problem was to find a theme for the second window to complement the other two. The solution she found was to begin with a piece of Gregorian Chant called “Death and Resurrection” which centered on Christ before Pilate: jeered at by the crowds, anguished and humiliated. This seemed to form a bridge between the ominous mood of the “Quartet for the End of Time” and the rising mood of “The Ascension.” She then incorporated symbols of the elements used by Messiaen in his music, both the instruments he used in the prison camp - clarinet, piano, a three-stringed cello. and a broken violin - and the influence of plainsong and birdsong. The opening chords from the third movement: of "The Ascension” form part of the third lancet - and the name "Owen" also appears in the second.

Given by members of Christ Church and friends of Robert Owen in thanksgiving for his ministry, this window reflects Owen’s love for the music of Olivier Messiaen, a leading twentieth century composer.






Above: Alice Avouris playing the console of the Casavant Frères, Opus 3878 (2009) during Open Console with several other organists looking on.

For more on the organ, go to the Christ Church page

Father Michael Bird wilcomed us and described the special stained glass windows pictured above.

Chorale Varié sur le théme du ‘Veni Creator’, Op. 4.


Maurice Duruflé

(1902 - 1986)


Ronde Française


Lèon Boëllmann

(1862 - 1892)

Daniel Ficarri

Prelude and Fugue in G major (BWV 541)


J. S. Bach

(1685 - 1750) 


Cortège et Litanie, Op. 19, No. 2


Marcel Dupré

(1886 - 1971)

Alexander Pattavina


Sept. 20, organists and guests attended the chapter's opening meeting at Christ Church, Bronxville. After greetings from Dean John King and Fr. Michael Bird, organ scholars Daniel Ficarri (Hitchcock Presbyterian, Scarsdale) and Alexander Pattavina (Christ Church, Bronxville) played a superb mini recital on the four-manual Casavant, Opus 3878 (2009). Works by Bach, Boëllmann, Dupré, and Duruflé showcased the magnificent organ. Both organists study with Paul Jacobs at Juilliard. Following the performance, all viewed the stained-glass window dedicated to former Christ Church organist Robert Owen. An open console and reception followed.. – Joyce Gardner

as published in the December, 2015 issue of The American Organist

Photos: Courtesy of Virginia Bender

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