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January 6, 2013

Twelfth Night Party

Host: Eileen Laurence




  Eileen Laurence

From Left: Jeremy Goldsmith, Timothy Keenan-Devlin, Alex Perlov, Judith Abel – back to us, Lana Kollath, Joyce Gardner, Doris Kersten, Alice Avouris, and Frank Miller (at the piano).


  Above are various people at the event

Westchester, N.Y. Jan. 6, the chapter held its annual Twelfth Night party at the home of Sub-Dean Eileen Laurence. Participants enjoyed food prepared by chapter members, swapped stories of busy holiday activities, sang carols around the piano, and enjoyed each other’s company. – Kevin Walsh

as published in the July, 2013 edition of The American Organist



Photos: Courtesty of Kevin Walsh

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