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May 20, 2012

Member Recital: Members' Choice

Hosted by Terrence Flanagan

at The Mount Kisco Presbyterian Church

Coordinator: Judith Abel



  front row: Virginia Bender, Noriko Yamada, Timothy Keenan-Devlin, Terence J. Flanagan, Margaret Kim

Back row: Judith Barber Abel, Frank Miller, Frederick Tripodi, Keith Robellard, and Douglas Kostner



The Program

Passacaglia in C-Moll


Johann Sebastian Bach

(1685 - 1750)

Margaret Kim


Improvisation-Toccata on "The Strife Is O'er"



Alfred Fedak

(1953 - )


Timothy Keenan-Devlin




Louis Vierne

(1870 - 1937)

Noriko Yamada


March on a Theme of Handel


Alexandre Guilmant

(1837 - 1911)

Frederick Tripodi


Two Portraits of Lakshmi

I. Invocation of the Benevolent Goddess

II. Whoever receives her gracious glance

Judith Barber Abel

(1939 - )


Judith Barber Abel


Finale from Symphony VI


Louis Vierne

(1870 - 1937)

Douglas Kostner




Paul Creston

(1906 - 1985)

Virginia Bender, Marimbist

Keith Robellard, Organist


Adagio from Symphony VI


Charles-Marie Widor

(1844 - 1937)

Terence J. Flanagan


Fugue from Introduction, Passacaglia, and Fugue


Searle Wright

(1918 - 2004)

Frank Miller


To see photos and information on The Beckerath "Water Organ" click here

Photos of the organ and concert are below

Above is a photo of the church with the organ and marimba
Photo of the pipes (and chandelier) Close up of the organ console
Alice Avouris, Dean, introducing the program The first organist at the concert - Margaret Kim
View of the organ and marimba, with Margaret Kim at the organ and Judith Abel turning pages
The photos below are of various people at the reception and potluck dinner.

As published in the September, 2012 issue of The American Organist:

Westchester, New York, May 20, ten members volunteered their diverse and distinctive musical talents to provide a delightful program at the Presbyterian Church of Mount Kisco. The church’s Beckerath organ (nicknamed “Water Organ” by its donor, Bonnie Trotta) responded unfailingly to each player’s demands. The program opened with Bach’s Passacaglia in C Minor, played by Margaret Kim. The great French organist-composers were represented by Rick Tripodi, performing Guilmant’s March on a Theme of Handel”, Terence Flanagan playing Widor’s “Adagio" from Symphony VI, Douglas Kostner performing Vierne’s “Final" from Symphony VI, and Noriko Yamada, playing Vierne’s Canon. American composers were chosen by Timothy Keenan-Devlin, who played Alfred Fedak’s Improvisation-Toccata on The Strife Is O’er, Frank Miller, who played Searle Wright’s Fugue, and Virginia Bender and Keith Robellard, who perform Paul Creston’s Meditation for marimba and organ. Judith Abel chose to perform her original music, “Two Portraits of Lakshmi,” written especially for this recital. Before adjourning to the reception and potluck supper, organized and prepared by Dean Alice Avouris, the audience was entertained by Frank Miller’s improvisation on Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy,” a fitting ending for this joy-filled occasion.- Judith Abel


Photo of Performers: Courtesy of Robert Bender

Photos of the Organ and Concert: Courtesy of Don Kim

Photos of the Reception: Courtesy of Virginia Bender

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