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April 22, 2012

Choral Reading

Hosted by Jayson Rodovsky-Engquist

at The Larchmont Temple



  Jayson Rodovsky-Engquist directing the ‘instant choir.’


As published in the August, 2012 American Organist:

Westchester, N.Y. April 22,. chapter members (and guests from the Fairfield West Chapter) met for a choral-reading session co-sponsored by the chapter and the Larchmont Temple (cantor Fredda Mendelson and organist Jayson Rodovsky-Engquist, hosts). Ten publishers contributed 50 Psalm-based and/or interfaith selections covering a broad range of difficulty and voicings. The session was directed by Jayson Rodovsky-Engquist and accompanied by Douglas Kostner and David Johnson, -- Alice Avouris



Photo: Courtesy of Alice Avouris

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