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November 6, 2010

Pedals, Pipes and Pizza: A Young People's Introduction to the Organ


Valhalla Methodist Church

Presented by Joyce Gardner and Joe Nigro

Above: One of the participants, Richard, trying the organ

Above: Joe Nigro talking to Richard and Benjamin
Above: Joe Nigro and Joyce Gardner helping another participant, Adam
Above: Joyce Gardner and another participant, Anthony
Above: Joe Nigro with another participant, Benjamin

Above: Frank Miller showing various pipes

Above: Some of the attendees and chapter members
Above: Time for the pizza - note the organ in the background
Above: More photos from pizza time

Region II, Westchester County, NY, November 6 – the chapter presented a "Pedals, Pipes and Pizza" event at Valhalla United Methodist Church in Valhalla. Five piano students and seven adults attended, along with parents and grandparents. Six chapter members were present to assist. After a video on the history of the organ was shown, Frank Miller spoke about the various parts of a pipe organ and the types of pipes used. He had sample pipes for the group to see and try to create a sound blowing through them. Afterward, hosts Joyce Gardner and Joe Nigro assisted the participants at the organ. Several adult pianists who were present took advantage of the program to try the instrument. The group also toured the organ chamber and saw the pipes. To conclude the event, the participants enjoyed pizza and were given a copy of Sandra Soderlund's A Young Person’s Guide to the Pipe Organ. -- Virginia B. Bender

as published in the February, 2011 issue of The American Organist


Photos: Courtesy of Virginia Bender


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