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September 26, 2010

The Alexander Technique for Organists

Presented by Karla Diamond

Hosted by Dr. John King


Hitchcock Presbyterian Church

6 Greenacres Avenue

Scarsdale, New York

Dr. John King (host) at the organ. Karla Diamond is on the left and Margaret Kim is on the right.
Above: Karla Diamond demonstrating using Doris Kersten. Alice Avouris, Dean is behind them in the pew.
Above: One of the guests. (Just joking, actually the model that Karla used to help her explain the concepts to the group.)

Above: Karla demonstrating using Timothy Keenan-Devlin

Lynne Hansen, Dr. John King and Thomas Zachacz are watching

Above: Karla deomonstrating using Kevin Walsh

Region II, Westchester County, NY, September 26, the first meeting of the season was held at Hitchcock Presbyterian Church in Scarsdale (John King, host). Karla Diamond discussed and demonstrated the Alexander Technique, using chapter members as the subjects. The reception that followed was prepared by Dean Alice Avouris and Timothy Keenan-Devlin.. – Virginia B. Bender

as published in The American Organist, December, 2010


Photos: Courtesy of Virginia Bender


Last updated: December 2, 2010