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March 6, 2010

Preparation for AGO Certification and Advancement Workshop

presented by Dr. Jan-Piet Knijff


The Church of St. Barnabas

15 North Broadway


Donald Butt telling the attendees about the organ JP during the presentation
Alice Avouris JP and Eric Hepp
JP and Karen Longwell The engrossed attendees
JP and Meredith Storer Eva Sze performing


Click here for JP's Handout - Komm Heiliger Geist BWV 651: A Few Fingerings


Region II, Westchester, NY March 6, a workshop on improving technical skills for those interested in taking the AGO certification examinations was led by Jan-Piet Knijff at the Church of St. Barnabas in Irvington-on Hudson (Donald Butt, director of music). His presentation centered on a studied approach to developing practical keyboard skills and theoretical concepts of harmonization, transposition and improvisation. Several members and guests played for Dr. Knijff’s comments. The program was cosponsored with the Fairfield West (Conn.) Chapter, and was also attended by members of the Central Hudson Valley (N.Y.) and New York City chapters. Lunch, cooridnated by Sub-dean Alice Avouris and prepared by chapter members, was surved in the parish hall. --- John Cecconi

as published in The American Organist, June, 2010

Photos: Courtesy of John Cecconi and Virginia Bender

Last updated: June 2, 2010