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October 18, 2009

The Chorale as Cantus Firmus

Memorial United Methodist Church

250 Bryant Avenue

White Plains


Robert Fertitta was the presenter and is pictured at the top and below left. The other photos are of the audience.




Region II, Westchester, NY October 18, Robert Fertitta lectured on the topic ”The Chorale as Cantus Firmus” at Memorial United Methodist Church in White Plains Carlton E. Maaia II, host). This practical showcase of 18 chorale preludes, which are in most organists' repertoire, is highly recommended. Professor Fertitta, who is retired from State University of NewYork-Purchase and is a noted photographer of stained-glass windows, performed on the church's 50 rank Moller organ. The reception that followed was prepared by board members Lois Simmonds, and Judith Abel.– Ralph A. Burkhart

as published in The American Organist, January, 2010

Note: We tried to send a change in time to be published correctly - that was that the organ was really a 59 rank Austin and that Joyce Gardner also helped with the reception. Even though this correction was sent the next day, unfortunately, it was not incorporated.

Photos: Courtesy of John Cecconi

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