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March 15 , 2009

Mendelssohn Anniversary Year Master Class

Presented by Dr. Jan-Piet Knijff


St. Ann's Roman Catholic Church

Ossining, New York



Various photos of the organ, JP, and the audience


Westchester County, NY March 15, Jan-Piet Knijff conducted a masterclass on the organ music of Felix Mendelssohn at St. Ann's Roman Catholic Church in Ossining (Lowell Knauer, host organist). Alice D. Avouris, Judith Barber Abel, Timothy Keenan-Devlin, Shu Fen Huang, Julian Faranda, and Mee Ryoung Seo performed on the church's mechanical-action Noack organ. Mr. Knauer and his wife provided the reception that followed -- Ralph A. Burkhart

As published in The American Organist, June, 2009.



for the text of the Presentation by Dr. Jan-Piet Knijjf, click here.  
Photos: Courtesy of John Cecconi and Denise Knauer

Last updated: June 8, 2009